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Nothing is more crucial than the survival of our planet and the incredible range of fauna and flora that inhabit it. Here, we highlight some of the projects and amazing people who are spearheading the efforts to protect and preserve our world.

  • An interview with Blue Latitudes: Can oil rigs help save the ocean?
    After meeting at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Emily Hazelwood and Amber Jackson founded the Blue Latitudes Foundation in...
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  • Blue boats and lots of people on sandy beach by sea
    Cyrill Gutsch on saving the oceans through art and collaboration
    Cyrill Gutsch is the founder and driving force behind Parley for the Oceans, an organisation dedicated to protecting the...
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  • Bisons in a green field
    Conservation in the Caspian
    How one organisation is transforming the Caspian Sea coastline into a haven for biodiversity. Leyla Aliyeva set up IDEA in...
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  • Conservation Corner: the Worldwide Fund for Nature's Mark Wright on Our Planet and working with David Attenborough
    Only half of people across 10 of the world’s most biodiverse countries are very convinced that biodiversity – our...
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  • Neil Ever Osborne’s wildlife photography exhibition is a call to action
    Photographer and conservationist Neil Ever Osborne has been capturing the world’s wildest places and creatures on film for 15...
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  • Conservation Corner: Into the blue with Rory Moore
    Like a fish to water, conservation project manager Rory Moore was born to better the world’s oceans. Here, he...
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  • Tomorrow’s Tigers: How WWF are trying to double tiger numbers in the wild by 2022, the next Chinese Year of the Tiger
    With over 95 per cent of their historical range taken away from them over the last century, tigers are...
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  • On the front line: how Kate Brooks is using photography and film to fight animal trafficking
    For photographer Kate Brooks, a career documenting conflict in the Middle East paved the way for her passionate work...
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  • Day of the Jaguar: Panthera's efforts to ensure these magnificent predators survive
    The global wild cat conservation organization Panthera was founded by entrepreneur and conservationist Dr Thomas Kaplan. James Parry looks...
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  • Born to Ice: Photographer Paul Nicklen on his love affair with the Arctic landscape
    Award-winning photographer Paul Nicklen speaks to Sophie Breitsameter about his new book Born to Ice, growing up in northern Canada...
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  • Turning the tide: Cristina Mittermeier on conservation, photography and not holding back
    Award-winning photographer Cristina Mittermeier seeks to go beyond merely raising awareness. Sophie Breitsameter speaks to her about the lessons...
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  • Conservation Corner: Dr Patric Schlager on protecting biodiversity in the Caucasus
    Our planet is a fragile and complex ecosystem, in which every aspect affects another, and never has it been...
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  • Call of the Wild: The iconic nature photography of David Yarrow
    A picture is worth a thousand words and in this case potentially more. Sophie Breitsameter speaks to iconic wildlife photographer...
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  • Wonder Women: The Climate Heroines Changing the World
    From promoting recycling to fighting for clean water, there is change afoot - a new wave of fierce female...
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