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    In Focus: The Art of Jazz
    A picture is worth a thousand words, and a snapshot of a jazz performer harks back to the long,...
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    Cantinetta Antinori opens in Baku
    A medley of fine wines and Tuscan flavours left guests wanting more at the opening of Cantinetta Antinori restaurant...
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    All in the Mind: Breathe Easy with Yoga
    Separating your cobra from your upward-facing dog takes time and patience, but the physical and emotional benefits of yoga...
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    Design Inside Out: The Vitra Campus is taking Bauhaus into the Future
    With Europe’s best archive of modernist furniture, vast production facilities, and a collection of buildings designed by leading architects...
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    Clear Sight: Roaming the High Caucasus
    The nature conservation area of the High Caucasus is a challenging environment to be in. photographer Emil Khalilov explains...
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    A Cup of GT with Gavin Turk
    Gavin Turk was one of the original Young British Artists. Now he’s creating public sculptures and turning to social...
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    The Alchemist
    Richard Deacon transforms mundane into sculptural gold. After a major retrospective at Tate Britain, and works on show at...
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    The Artist: Long Live Painting
    Azerbaijani artist Elena Hagverdiyeva has exhibited widely in the Caucasus, as well as France and Austria. We meet her...
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    Opening of Baku Café Dubai
    Baku Café Dubai is the new central hot spot in Dubai, serving delectable dishes of contemporary Azerbaijani cuisine The newly...
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    All in the Mind: Crystal Healing
    Get to know your rose quartz from your cape amethyst and find out just why so many people think...
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    The Stuff of Life: Loving Dough
    Whether intricately shaped as parcels for meat or herb fillings, or as the bed on which sauces are served,...
  • Tamara Ralph wears a black jacket and dress and bag in the Old Town in Baku
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    Dress for Success: Ralph & Russo
    Angelina Jolie gliding down the red carpet and Beyoncé shaking her sequins on stage have one thing in common...
  • Tiger
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    TIGER TIGER!: Saving the Big Cat from Extinction in Central Asia
    The global wild tiger population has fallen from hundreds of thousands to a mere 3,890. Conservationists now face a...
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    Conservation Corner: Where the Antelope Roam
    Illegal animal trafficking and poaching are a worldwide scourge, affecting (and creating) critically endangered species. It is also a...
  • Pomegranates in trees
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    History Lesson: Pomegranates, the Crown Jewel 
    Why pomegranates? The distinct jewel-like fruit grows rampantly in Azerbaijan, and a special variety found only in the central, subtropical...
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    The Shape of Things to Come: Eco Architecture
    Eco no longer means ugly when it comes to architecture. Today, its foundations lie in beautiful, simple design. Abbie...
  • Swarming birds fly during the annual migration in Azerbaijan
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    Wings Across the Caspian: Bird Migration in Azerbaijan
    Azerbaijan is uniquely placed as a crossroads for the annual migration of some 300 species of birds, as they...
  • Designer Francis Sultana wears a blue suit and sits on a green, white and gold chair with a yellow painting in the background
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    Baku via Chanel: Francis Sultana’s New Furniture Collection
    Maltese-born designer Francis Sultana finds inspiration in the architecture and heritage of Baku, as well as the aesthetics of...
  • Illustration of Matthew Williamson with colourful peacock feathers
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    La Vie Bohème: Matthew Williamson
    Exotic, erotic and glamorous, Matthew Williamson is high-fashion’s master magician. And he is getting more bohemian by the day "The...
  • A painting of a lady lying down
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    Speaking for Herself: Lalla Essaydi
    Through her astonishing photographs, the Moroccan artist Lalla Essaydi gives voice to both herself and the women she depicts,...
  • A clock with birds, books, a butterfly and pen
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    The Word is Out: Russian Poetry
    Russian poetry is alive and kicking with young guns blogging to millions of fans, fronting bands and sparring on...
  • Fireworks in the sky above festival-goers at the Zhara festival in Baku
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    Pump Up the Volume: Zhara 2017 Festival
    A star-studded line-up for the inaugural Zhara 2017 festival in Baku What could be more fitting for a summer soirée...
  • Woman in a colourful fairground in Baku
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    Some Enchanted Evening: Spellbinding Style
    From floaty fairground fun and playful, peasant simplicity to dreamy vintage-inspired styles and Gothic opulence, these dramatic styles are...
  • The Atesgah temple in daylight
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    History lesson: Keep the Flame Alive
    Fire has been central to culture in Azerbaijan for hundreds of years, and there’s no better place to experience...
  • View of the village through the mountains
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    Destination: Hillside Hideaway
    Hikers and copper aficionados will feel right at home in Lahic, one of Azerbaijan’s oldest mountain settlements. Caroline Davies...
  • Lankaran tea laid on a table of fruits in armud glasses
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    Infused with Soul: Tea Time in Baku
    Drinking tea is a human ritual that has spread to all points of the globe from its Eastern origins....
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    The Artist: Dream Weaver
    Art is a family affair for Mahmud Rustamov, who produces startling works from the deepest recesses of his imagination What I...
  • The daily gala of rice and tomatoes
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    Fields of Gold: The Cuisine of Nakhchivan
    In the high mountains of Azerbaijan's far southwest, the cuisine is infused with the delicate flavours of dill, tarragon...
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    The Artist: Against the Grain
    With a love for the myriad colours and grains of rare woods, Jabrail Guliyev composes his intricate mosaics in...
  • Woman in a white blouse and black skirt in Baku's landscape
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    Tales of the South: Prairie Style
    A semi-desert landscape sets the scene for a season of high fashion drama. Pair vintage prairie pieces with new...
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    Endangered: Goitered gazelle
    The near-sacred status of this gazelle in Azerbaijan means that its threatened population is now being carefully protected Found: The...
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    Chenot: Star Spa
    Who wants to live forever? From Italy to Azerbaijan, those in pursuit of the fountain of youth put their...
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    Baku Old Town: From the Shadows
    Many cities have them – remnants of an old walled town harking back to its medieval past. But few...
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    Mountains of Azerbaijan: Savage Beauty
    From golden escarpments to sky-high summits, the Shahdag National Park is a snow-capped wilderness in this land of fire....
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    The Spice Of Life
    Having won two Michelin stars for his French fusion fare, chef-du-jour Akrame Benallal has found a new direction –...
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    Endangered: Caucasian Brown Bear
    They look endearing but these rare bears have had no escape from hunting and habitat loss. Only now are...
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    Citizen of the World: Actress Saye Yabandeh on Philanthropy
    Acting may be her day job, but Saye Yabandeh’s true passion is philanthropy, and working with children’s charities around...
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    The New Heirlooms: Jewellery with Heritage
    For designer Rasmina Gurbatova, jewellery is a medium through which Azerbaijan’s rich history and culture can be shared with...
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    Game On: The Islamic Games in Baku
    The 4th Islamic Solidarity Games landed in Baku with a spectacular ceremony As night fell in Baku, the Olympic Stadium...
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    From Russia with Love
    Think you know your borsch from your blini? How about your salo from your syrniki? In the foothills of...
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    The Circuit: Leyla Aliyeva’s Exhibition, Live Life, in Berlin
    An arty and academic crowd gathered in the German capital for a conservation-themed show A freezing night in Berlin earlier this...
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    Ride of Her Life: German Designer Leonie Mergen’s Equine Inspirations
    Horse motifs, harnesses and carpet patterns from the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan hit the international fashion circuit thanks to...
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    Ode to Joy
    Think a buch of roses is romantic? Try building a palace. This is how one Baku oil baron showed...
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    Endangered: Caucasian Leopard
    The leopard, an instantly recognisable symbol of Azerbaijan’s natural heritage, is now on camera in a plan to monitor...