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Art & Culture

From mugham, the musical art form of the Caucasus, to street art, art and culture are what define the human spirit. Explore more with us.

  • A spiral of colourful paints decorating a brown canvas
    Elnara Nasirli's latest exhibition: exploring artistic flow and human experience
    As Elnara Nasirli's recent exhibition in Baku comes to an end, Trudy Ross looks at the themes and inspiration...
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  • Abstract colorful drawing of shapes and strange trees
    Gazelli Art House's digital exhibition: a dialogue across generations
    Digital art is often thought of as a newborn medium of the future. Gazelli Art House's latest exhibition, however,...
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  • blue and purple shapes on a dark screen
    How Beeple changed the art world
    Mike Winklemann, AKA Beeple, shot to fame after his digital artwork EVERYDAY: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS became the first...
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  • A woman wearing a blue and white dress
    Sana Rezwan on South Asian art and philanthropy
    Sana Rezwan is a thoroughly modern entrepreneur and philanthropist, living and working in London, then New York, before recently...
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  • A woman singing holding a microphone
    Diana Hajiyeva on being part of Baku's 18th International Jazz Festival
    Ahead of Baku's 18th international Jazz Festival, Trudy Ross speaks to local musician, Diana Hajiyeva, lead singer of Dihaj,...
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  • A man wearing a blue shirt and a bracelet using a harmonica
    Gregoire Maret on Jazz and Azerbaijain
    Ahead of Baku's 18th International Jazz Festival, we speak to one of the headline performers, grammy award winner, Gregoire...
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  • Wide glassy river bank surrounded by trees below a twilight sky
    Travelling Botswana on Eco-safari
    Camp Xakanaxa, on the Khwai River bank Ella Johnson travels through Botswana on an eco-safari, where the highlight is encountering...
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  • A messy bar that says 'Roth Bar' on it
    Sophie Neuendorf's favourite art shows this season
    As Vice President of Artnet, Sophie Neuendorf has a unique view of upcoming events in the art world. Here...
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  • A group of men singing and dancing on a stage
    Celebrating Baku's 18th International Jazz Festival
    As this year's Baku International Jazz Festival prepares to open, Baku magazine explores the history of the festival and...
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  • tapestries hanging from the ceiling
    Aida Mahmudova’s latest exhibition at Yarat Contemporary Art Space
    Azerbaijani artist, Aida Mahmudova, who is also the founder of Yarat Contemporary Art Space presents Heaven Can Wait ....
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  • Two men sitting on chairs in a room with wine bottles
    How the Gardabani Group is bringing Azerbaijani wines to the west
    Natik Musaev is the co-founder of the Gardabani Group, a wine and spirits distributor that represents wines from all...
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  • A yellow building on a lake with mountains in the background
    Kulm Hotel, St Moritz, Review
    The hotel that invented the winter holiday also offers an escape from over-sultry summers – as well as some...
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  • A store with lots of items in cabinets and blue walls
    Soroka Concept Store: Bringing parts of the world to Azerbaijan
    Jamila Asgarova followed her passion of collecting small trinkets from around the world and turned it into a thriving...
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  • women walking in clothes on a runway together
    Uventa: The brand showcasing Baku fashion to the world
    Fashion designers in Azerbaijan are often influenced by the country's nature and landscapes. Khayala Asadova founded Uventa in 2012,...
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