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Art & Culture

From mugham, the musical art form of the Caucasus, to street art, art and culture are what define the human spirit. Explore more with us.

  • art gallery
    Street Art Meets Fine Art At The Heydar Aliyev Centre
    Wide-eyed and curious: Brazilian street artist Nina Pandolfo’s ethereal women have been brought to life in the Gratitude exhibition...
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  • Orange and black carpet that runs on the floor to look like paint
    Faig Ahmed: a contemporary artist's take on classical carpets
    In 1949, archeologists in the Altai mountains discovered the oldest ever pile carpet. At 2,500 years old, the so-called...
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  • a fashion store
    Why Baku has a thriving concept store scene
    Sabina Kristensen is one of the pioneers of creative retail in Baku. The Baku-born fashion entrepreneur was art director...
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  • A camel in front of a sculpture and pyramids in a desert
    Egypt's Greatest Ever Art Show
    The 4,500 year old pyramids have never seen anything like it. Celebrated artists including street art cult figure, JR,...
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  • photo of birds layered over an image of a man running by the sea
    Inside the Baku Street Photo Festival
    Fakhriyya Mammadova is the creative force behind the Baku Street Photo Festival. The artist and curator is helping young...
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  • Bisons in a green field
    Conservation in the Caspian
    How one organisation is transforming the Caspian Sea coastline into a haven for biodiversity. Leyla Aliyeva set up IDEA in...
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  • Mountain region in Baku
    Azerbaijan is a country for all seasons
    Azerbaijan is a destination for any time of year, says Vusal Nazimoglu. The Baku-based landscape photographer is known for his shots...
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  • Mountains in Azerbaijan
    Summer on the roof of Azerbaijan
    Azerbaijan encompasses every type of landscape from Caspian Sea beaches to the high Caucasus mountains, which in summer are...
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  • Children jumping over a bonfire
    The joys of spring new year in Baku
    In Azerbaijan and some surrounding countries, the first day of spring heralds a ten day new year's celebration, celebrating...
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  • Buenos Aires carpet artist Alexandra Kehayoglou on her faith in the power of textiles and finding inspiration in her hometown
    Argentine artist Alexandra Kehayoglou creates vast carpet installations that call to mind the verdant textures of the natural world....
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  • Italian mural artist MILLO answers our quickfire questions
    As his exhibition Where the Streets Disappear launches in London, Baku grilled the artist MILLO on his passions, his...
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  • When East Meets West: the new exhibition by photographer and human rights activist Fuad Alakbarov
    Fuad Alakbarov is a Glasgow-based artist, photojournalist, political commentator and human rights activist. He speaks to Sophie Breitsameter about...
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  • Visual Poetry: Babi Badalov explores the politics of language through his art
    The Azerbaijani visual artist and poet talks to Kristina Spencer about his nomadic life, his creative work and the...
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  • Art in the Great Outdoors: Four of the best places to find art outside of a museum
    Outdoor sculpture parks and open-air galleries offer a child-friendly cultural experience outside of traditional art venues. Why spend your...
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